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Bangkok & Pattaya Outcall Massage

Have an enchanting experience at MSG Delivery Massage!

Bangkok & Pattaya Body Massage

hotel. Home. We visit anywhere in the office.

Bangkok & Pattaya Delivery Outcall Massage Want to go anywhere?
Get a premium delivery massage anywhere at home, hotel, office, etc.
CU offers you a high-quality massage and a satisfying experience!

Price guide for each course

Thai+Aroma Massage (90 minutes)

90 MINS                                1,000B

Thai+Aroma+Handjob (90 minutes)

90 MINS                                1,200B

Thai massage + BJ service (90 minutes)

90 MINS                                 2,500B

2:1(4hands)Aroma+Handjob 90min

90 MINS                                1,200B

Thai massage+shower together+Boom

90 MINS                                1,400B

2:1(4hands)Aroma+docking Boom 90min

90 MINS                                 4,000B

저희 타이 파타야아웃콜마사지(방콕, 파타야변마)의 관리사들은 최고의 마사지 실력은 물론이며, 미모와 극강의 파타야출장마사지 마인드 까지 겸비한 최고의 아웃콜 관리사 들로만 구성 되어 있습니다. 물론 이분들은 파타야아웃콜 출장마사지가 전공인 애들이라 아고고나 파타야변마(파타야변형마사지) 푸잉들 처럼 화려하게, 예쁘게 잘 꾸미진 못합니다. 하지만 수많은 분들이 이미 저희 방콕아웃콜마사지와 방콕출장마사지에 대한 만족도로 그 가치가 인정되고 있음을 자신있게 말씀 드리겠습니다!

♥  Manager LIST  ♥


Age: 28

Height: 161

Weight: 48

★ 4.6


Age: 31

Height: 164

Weight: 52

★ 4.5


Age: 34

Height: 170

Weight: 52

★ 4.5


Age: 27

Height: 163

Weight: 49

★ 4.5


Age: 27

Height: 164

Weight: 49

★ 4.7


Age: 27

Height: 168

weight: 52

★ 4.8


Age: 32

Height: 163

Weight: 48

★ 4.5


Age: 25

Height: 161

Weight: 46

★ 4.5

Notice to read

  1. Our CU MASSAGE is an intermediate platform that matches freelance massage therapists to customers. Therefore, we are only responsible for the company's mistakes in the reservation, and CU MASSAGE is not responsible for personal problems between the manager and the guest.

  2. Payment can be made directly to the manager in cash in baht after the massage is over.

  3. Tips for the manager are not compulsory, but if you think the manager did a good job, you can give them about 100 baht per person.

  4. Do not use abusive language or make unreasonable demands to the manager!

  5. Please wait for about 30 minutes with plenty of time. It may be delayed due to road conditions, etc.

  6. Please be careful as subduing the manager by force or other violent or perverted acts may result in legal punishment!

  7. When applying for a reservation, please write in detail what you want in the other requests at the bottom, and we will send you a manager that meets your requests as much as possible. (Example: A strong manager, please. A young and slender manager, please. Etc.)

Bangkok & Pattaya erotic massage

As you all know, the Bangkok and Pattaya areas, which are called meccas for travelers from around the world, are a paradise for various things to see, enjoy, and eat. Just like the numerous forms of tourism culture, Bangkok and Pattaya are places where there are many different types of massage shops.

However, Bangkok and Pattaya have slightly different regional characteristics. In the Bangkok area, the main feature is that erotic massage shops that combine Japanese Nuru massage with Bangkok erotic massage (Bangkok outcall massage) are mainstream. Therefore, in the Bangkok area, there are many famous erotic massage parlors with a history of more than 10 years.

On the other hand, in Pattaya, there are mainly large massage shops in the form of Pattaya Nuru Massage rather than erotic massage shops, and Pattaya outcall massage is also strong. Compared to the vast Bangkok area, Pattaya's terrain is simple and the area is not that large, so outcall massage is particularly developed. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Pattaya erotic massage and outcall massage are the two major branches of Pattaya massage.

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※If KakaoTalk does not work, please contact us through “Line”!

Pattaya outcall massage and erotic massage

Next, I would like to talk about erotic massage in Pattaya, Thailand's representative resort city. As I mentioned earlier, Pattaya erotic massage is not as numerous or diverse in type compared to Nuru massage. It is true that the number is considerably lower compared to the Bangkok area. However, there are some very famous erotic massage shops in Pattaya as well. For example, there is an erotic massage shop in the Buakao area that provides very hard services, or an erotic massage shop in the Saisam area that offers the best prostate massage. In addition, Pattaya nuru massage shops called Body to Body were also popular, but now, after the coronavirus pandemic, Indians are the main customer base, so East Asians feel somewhat distant, so it is true that their popularity is gradually declining.

However, the trend these days is outcall massage, especially in the Pattaya area! Most people who are looking for an outcall massage among Pattaya erotic massages arrive at the airport late at night, and when they arrive in Pattaya, it is early morning, so there is often nothing to do or anywhere to go at this time. The most popular massage in these cases is an outcall massage. And even when it's raining or it's too hot and you don't want to go out, Pattaya outcall massages are very popular!

タイ パタヤ エロティック アウトコール マッサージ_2.jpg
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